Please note we are updating the site with more products currently so some images and products may not appear as they should from time to time. We anticipate this round of updates will be completed by 01/31/2019. You may shop and place orders during this process as normal.

VCoinMALL.com is the world’s first and only marketplace where you can purchase products and services from some of the biggest and most trusted online shopping sites and pay using Bitcoin, Ether, and SparkleCOIN! VCoinMALL.com is front-end order management service. It is not a merchant, broker, exchange, or money transmitter. It is a peer-to-peer e-tailer connecting customers with retailers and other e-tailers.


    • Select products from a store and add them into your shopping cart.
    • Select the Check Out button.
    • A total of the order will be shown with an option to submit the order for processing.
    • The order request will be sent to our customer service department where it will be managed.
    • You will receive an email detailing the amount of cryptocurrency is needed for the order and the exchange rate.
    • Once the payment in cryptocurrency is received, the order will be forwarded to the fulfillment store for processing and shipment.
    • Please note the processing of an order depends on the ability to assist you in trading your cryptocurrency in an exchange to USD, which is paid to the vendor. If the cryptocurrency is not able to be exchanged for USD within 48 hours, your order will be cancelled and you will receive a notification via email. Your cryptocurrency payment will be returned in full.
    • VCoinMALL.com currently does not charge a processing fee and the products are offered at the same price as the vendors website.
    • Products ordered will be shipped directly to you by the stores you have selected.
    • Order questions and returns are managed directly by the fulfillment store(s) you have selected. Approval for returns or exchanges are determined by the return policies for each of the stores you purchased from and may differ from one to another.
    • Replacement products from authorized returns will be shipped directly from the original fulfillment store to you.

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